Bert Keith

Singer and Songwriter


            The Inastation project CD is available at


Enjoy this collection of fine orginal music.

The InaStation project was a really great shared experience, I tried my hand at writing a few songs and singing with a great cast of people to make a real high quality fun album. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to Alex Smith, Brian Cunningham, Kevin Ginley, Keny Ruyter, Emily and Susan Hsu, and Neguine Niktash.

                                                  Expanding Waistlines

A special thanks to my friend, Don Trahan who inspired me to start singing again  Locally, Don, Kevin and I enjoy playing benefits for charity so if you need a performance for a charity, contact the Expanding Waistlines web site or send us an email. We are happy to help if we are available. We perform for the Knights Of Columbus, the Yellow Ribbon society, the St Patrick’s Day fundraisers for Gaithersburg, school fundraisers and others.

                                                    Solo appearances

Bert also does solo appearances as well in the folky singer songwriter style.


                       Cover photo used by permission-Artwork by Keny Ruyter All Rights Reserved 2014